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University of Arizona CatCa$h Terms and Conditions

1. Account Activation

The CatCa$h account is an optional, debit-style account automatically activated upon the receipt of an initial deposit. Users agree to abide by the following Terms and Conditions. All CatCa$h accounts are stored value accounts, not credit accounts, requiring sufficient deposits to cover purchases. CatCa$h accounts do not accrue interest. In case of a negative balance, the cardholder is responsible for repayment, with owed funds charged to the User's Bursar account.

2. Account Usage and Restrictions

CatCa$h accounts are taxable and usable for on-campus purchases at The University of Arizona, including printing, copying, parking, and BookStores transactions. Off-campus use is permissible where CatCa$h transactions are accepted. The University of Arizona reserves the right to determine eligible goods and services. Restrictions apply to the purchase of alcohol, tobacco, gift cards, lottery tickets, and specific cosmetic procedures.

3. Deposits and Limits

Minimum credit card deposits into a CatCa$h account is $5.00. Deposits can be made at any time online through or in-person at the Meal Plan Office. The maximum daily deposit allowed is $1000.00. There is no limit to the number of purchases or the dollar amount that can be spent in one day, provided there are sufficient funds on the card.

4. Refunds and Expiry

Funds deposited are non-refundable and cannot be withdrawn as cash. Unused CatCa$h expires at the end of each academic year. Refunds are only possible under specific circumstances, including student withdrawal or graduation before the end of the academic semester. Refund Request Forms can be submitted online or in-person, subject to a minimum $10 account balance.

Faculty/Staff account balances may be refunded at any time.

Refunds will be issued by check or direct deposit depending on the account holder’s established account preferences by the University of Arizona Financial Services Office within eight weeks of request.

5. Account Access and Identification

CatCa$h accounts are non-transferable and accessible only by the User. Identification may be required at the time of purchase. The CatCard is the sole means of accessing the CatCa$h account balance.

Guest Users registered through UAccess may add funds, but account activity is accessible only to cardholders to comply with federal and state privacy regulations.

6. Dormant Accounts

"Dormant Accounts" with no activity for eighteen consecutive months will be closed. Balances below $50 are forfeited, while attempts will be made to contact account holders with balances exceeding $50. Unclaimed balances after 30 days will be forfeited.

7. Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Cards

Users must report lost, stolen, or damaged cards immediately to the Meal Plans office. Temporary Meal Cards are unavailable for lost or stolen cards. The University of Arizona is not liable for charges made before the Account suspension.

Account holders may freeze their CatCard by logging into their account at Once notification is made to the Meal Plans office, the Office will suspend the account to prevent unauthorized use.

8. Changes to Terms and Condition

The University of Arizona reserves the right to make reasonable changes to these Terms and Conditions, with new terms superseding those in effect at the account activation.

By using the CatCa$h account, users acknowledge and agree to these Terms and Conditions.